Keyspace List for WPA on Default Routers
Getting closer. Got the c-code running in Got a copy of visual studio 2015, so now I'm just trying to figure out how to clear all the error codes and which .h modules I'm missing to make it go!

Okay I'm beginning to understand what fart-box is saying that the password is really just a heptatrigesimal representation. But your example key '2a4w8c3c7#8x' isn't an actual key is it? The keygen for nvg589 with a seed of 710684 is pretty close but not exact. So far both examples are seed (upto intmax) * XXXXXX then convert to heptatrigesimal presentation. However the multiplier (XXXXXX) for 589 and 599 are very different. And I don't know what it is for 5286. But you gave me clue and that's I'll have to work backwards from actual keys, convert to a int64 and work from there. Alright back to matlab to do some digging....

hmmmm. so I'm getting different keys...
2a4w8c3c7#8x 330178273358843
2c7p482e7w3= 10053172903997416
2e3c76393722 19891432910040544

If you feed those back into the algorithm after all the bitshifting manipulation (by MrFancypants) of the seed, you get the right password out. Perhaps I still don't understand what you mean by key. Seed*multiplier=key --> password?

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