R9 Fury Nitro 1100 mhz gpu clock - so slow - why ?
I don't find shame in launching a new series in the middle section.
It's where most of the gamers belong to, the around 200$ section.

It's not embarrassing, it's called strategy.

Also, AMD and ATi are (AMD) or were (ATi) major HW companies unlike Nvidia which is actually a SW company.

The talents of AMD in HW are clearly visible when you look at the RyZen architecture.
Don't you see ?

GCN has a clear distinction from Nvidia products as long as Mantle API (aka Vulkan API and DX12 API) is clearly superior than any other API in the gaming industry and an AMD exclusive.

So, games running in consoles (GCN architecture) or PC (Vulkan/DX12) will and already perform better on AMD GCN architecture that you are clearly negative.

You seem a lot biased to me, towards Nvidia HW for no actual reason.

Nvidia HW and its old architectures was never good on integer performance and all hash cracking, mining, bitcoins etc have been doing mainly on AMD HW due to a lot raw faster architecture when we are talking about TFLOPs or IOPs.

Take the recent history of the last 10 years and tell me which HW was faster in password cracking...Nvidia or ATi/ AMD ?

Nvidia didn't have a decent OpenCL driver until recently, they only used CUDA.

I wonder what are you going to say in a few months when you see Vega 10 outpace 1080 and probably Titan XP in password cracking.

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