R9 Fury Nitro 1100 mhz gpu clock - so slow - why ?
You seem to "forget" some fundamental things regarding those three (AMD, Intel, Nvidia)

Of course Intel and Nvidia are huge companies compared to AMD and even though that's a fact, AMD can sometimes compete them and that's a miracle (!) by its own.

I wouldn't need to write anything else than that. That a much smaller company like AMD has managed to be competitive with monsters like Intel and Nvidia.
It's like David and Goliath.

And in 2017 we are going to live another miracle, another huge task that AMD accomplished.
To be competitive in both CPU (RyZen) and GPU (Vega) with Intel and Nvidia at the same time.

It's like a myth, it is something that even if someone shows it in front of your eyes, you will find it very difficult to believe.

How the hell a small company like AMD, compared to the giants, can compete with Intel and Nvidia at the same time ?
What is the budget of AMD for CPU and GPU independently ?

Look at the facts:
What is the last discrete GPU that Intel managed to build ? (LOL)
What is the name of the first x86/x64 CPU that Nvidia managed to build ? (LOL)

The huge risk and bold movement of AMD acquiring ATi has already started to shine...

Now, I was looking at some performance tables of password cracking the last years and I will only post a simple fact.

ATI Radeon 5870 was released on Q3-Q4 2009 and it was faster than ANY Fermi card 4xx series, 5xx series and ANY Kepler card 6xx series, 7xx series besides the so special 780 Ti.

Can you believe that ?

It was only Maxwell architecture with 9xx series and of course Pascal that put Nvidia on top of password cracking again.
And Nvidia will loose again by VEGA.

The truth is that I don't know you, but you seem like a really passionate guy.
But you don't know me either.

I started to help Ivan Golubev in debugging the first ever GPU password cracking software I have ever used back in 2010 owing a perfect middle range ATi Radeon 5750 card.
His app was using ATi Stream and CAL, not OpenCL that was very new and was introduced for the first time by 5000 series release.

And then it was atom and his first tries around 2010 - 2011 IIRC with his oclhashcat, the first attempt to use OpenCL for password cracking with ATi Radeon 5000 series.

I've been exchanging directly emails with atom for months, debugging oclhashcat v0.xx and I very well remember his efforts of been consistent with his OpenCL app every time a new ATi driver was released.

We are talking about a real agony here.

Now, regarding GCN, as I told you earlier, it is now - 2017 - the time to shine using Vulkan and DX12 but this is gaming and I will not further discuss it in oclhashcat forum.

I'm telling you again that VEGA is already outpacing Pascal even in its full form of GP100.
Take a look at the specs of the Radeon Instinct MI25 (Vega 10) which I think it's not the full VEGA like GP100 (which is the full Pascal)

VEGA has the potential to be faster than Pascal.

The last comment is about the chart you published.

Do you mean the "performance" segment is bigger than "mainstream" ?
Because the "enthusiast" segment is very, very small like "workstation"

And if you see carefully, the performance and mainstream are very close.
And RX 480 is not exactly mainstream, is like mainstream to performance.

If you see the chart carefully, you proved exactly my point.

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