R9 Fury Nitro 1100 mhz gpu clock - so slow - why ?
You sure are younger than me and don't remember/ know that Intel has of course made a discrete GPU back in late '90 around 1998 called Intel740 or better known as Intel i740.

A discrete card that failed badly.

And the whole project of Larrabee that ended like Xeon Phi was another failure for Intel.
It was another try to get into discrete GPUs and another failure of course.

Now, regarding Nvidia they should/could have bought a license from Cyrix or other x86 compatible license and pay for the patents like Intel does.

Intel pays a lot to Nvidia and AMD for the patents used in their iGPUs.

Nvidia should/ could have done the same.

The same pattern you describe of Nvidia missing integer instructions has been repeated again and again on various subjects regarding end user from both Nvidia and Intel.

They just don't care at all for the customer.

Look at the fraud of 970 memory (3.5GB), the fraud of HEDT Intel processors that RyZen is going to bash etc

If it wasn't AMD we wouldn't have more than 4GB in our PCs because Intel wanted to sell 64bit processors only for servers.

We could say that all modern CPUs are AMD x64 compatible not Intel compatible.

You also seem to forget Evga Pascal catching fire.

Your beloved, cool and low power consuming Pascal catching fire.
What a fail!

VEGA belongs to the GCN architecture of course but it has many changes and some of them are pretty big.

Of course for password cracking we have to wait and see.

I mark your words and you mark mine.

Vega 10 is going to be faster in password cracking than 1080.

I can understand your reasons of hating AMD so much, but they are profoundly personal when we talk about business here and in a more distant way, more professionally if you want.

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