R9 Fury Nitro 1100 mhz gpu clock - so slow - why ?
OK...I think you deserve a reply for your previous post.

The only reason I mentioned your age, which I don't know actually, was in order to protect you, so to speak, from your very obvious lack of knowledge of the fact that Intel produced or tried to produce a discrete GPU.

You are very good at playing with words. Manipulating words of the others and yours.

You tried to cover your lack of knowledge of discrete GPUs from Intel by calling them VPUs...OK

For people reading, it's the exact same thing essentially, especially on late '90...ATI said that Radeon 9700 was a VPU on 2002, 3 years after the far inferior Geforce 256 that Nvidia called "GPU"

Let's not play with words...OK?

But on the other hand you say that you are a former Intel employee, so it shouldn't be a lack of knowledge but...who knows.

Also, you seem a little incapable of understanding what you read.

You first posted a chart showing exactly what I told you and then you write that I called Xeon Phi a failure.

I only wrote that the project Larrabee was failed as a discrete GPU and was converted to what we call today Xeon Phi (it has changed names a few times)

Your misleading and misinformations to the users reading your posts, goes on with PAE.

OMG, what an argument to try to hit the x64 architecture of AMD with PAE!

PAE was just a "mod" of x86 processors in order to allow them to go up to max. 64GB of RAM under very special circumstances.
For example almost all Windows x86 desktop versions don't allow more than 4GB RAM for compatibility reasons.
PAE could be used for Windows Server editions, but I clearly told you the achievement of AMD bringing REAL x64 processors to desktop.

AMD brought to desktop x64 processors. Period.

And it wasn't that Intel couldn't build x64 processors of course.
They wanted IA64 to be explicitly used by their Itanium - Itanic - Titanic processors.
They wanted to manipulate users by all means.

Regarding AMD's scandals.
Could you tell us what exactly AMD cards have the same issue like Nvidia's 970 3.5GB scandal that Nvidia had to pay for false advertising to the customers ?

Maybe it's time to take some money back from AMD besides Nvidia of course.

Regarding PCIe violations, it's a very old story involving Nvidia cards too.
For example the master of power spikes, Nvidia 750 Ti, with huge power bursts violates PCIe by far.

AMD has made a huge progress regarding drivers (Crimson and Crimson Relive) while on the other hand Nvidia has serious problems with Win 10 drivers.

AMD Polaris cards and the upcoming VEGA have already a very good fame regarding applications like oclhashcat or bitcoins, essentially continuing the good tradition of HD 4000 and 5000 series and onward that Nvidia managed to outperform only very recently.

Users of oclhashcat and all the other GPGPU OpenCL apps, don't need me or you to see the facts.

R9 290X was mainly sold for mining, not gaming.

Anyway, I have lost a lot of time too.

Be more objective, although you are a former Intel employee and a "burnt" by AMD guy and your posts will look prettier.

You said Nvidia saved your a$$, but that doesn't mean you have to bash AMD for ever.

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