+55 minutes in Generating Dictionary for 194GB
Hello all guys, 
sorry for not responding to the fabolous support you gave to me...and NO I was not able to recover my wallet :-(

Also I'm still struggling for understand how to do that now that ethereum arose much more than the time of first email...it is so sad and make me furious.

Anyway I'm trying always to use @philmd perl script to try to recover my password but if HASHCAT will introduce a module by which I can attack the wallet I would appreciate a lot...A LOT !

Quote:you mentioned 3 words, these specific 3 words concatenated together make up a length of 21. I'm not yet sure why you mention that the password is 23 to 25 characters long. Maybe the example words are not the real ones... that's not that important... but it's actually important how many words need to be tried etc... maybe you can explain this a little bit more (e.g. how many base words and how you end up with a lenght of 25, are there any separators between the words etc?)
  • 3 words
  • obviously the words are different
  • no separator
  • can be at the end a '#' or a '*'
  • some vocals are in format like a->@ e->€
  • every name can have a capital letter
So I'm surprised too to have generated a 195GB dictionary also if I know that all the combinations are a huge quantity.

@solace yes it is a presale wallet.

Thank you for all

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