Status exhausted always, word in my dictionary, ntlmv2
Hey kpeezy,

did you manage to find out the reason? I have the same problem, did this in a test lab environment.

The hashcat-machine works, as the example key is cracked seamlessly. My hash is also identical to the example hash regarding the structure, but the char-lenght of the last string is 460 chars which differs from the 106 char-lenght in the example hash.

Fetched the hash with lastest responder by lgandx. Logs states that the hash is a smbv2/NTMLv2-SSP hash.

Loaded in john and it identifies as netntmv2, NTMLv2 Challenge/Response (MD4 HMAC-MD5 32/64). Still also unable to crack it even with correct pw in wordlist.

I wonder if the -SSP extension is uncrackable right now? Or is there any way to "compress" my 460 char string to the 106 char string which would be like the example?

--EDIT: nvm my post, fetched some more hashes. Don't know what happened to the first ones, but the latest ones we're cracked in a blink of an eye.

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