1Password - need help using hashcat

My last thread got deleted. I asked for help generating a rainbow table for money. I'm very sorry for that.

Anyway i got hashcat running and i was able to recover a test case. So i extracted the hash of the Key from the AgileKeychain and ran it against a textfile which contained my test case password.

Now i'm struggling a little bit as i need to do the following:

I know most of the parts of the forgotten password but i don't know if any of the characters are really used. May someone help me do something like this:

% OR § OR NO CHAR - as the Beginning

P.S.: Above is just what i need to achive, the password itself it's more complex but that would cover it pretty much.

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1Password - need help using hashcat - by ForgotMP1P - 04-30-2017, 08:01 PM