FIFO help
Apologies for what is no doubt an easy question.  I don't know much about working with FIFO, but I'm trying to learn. 

Despite reading forum posts, instruction pages and the like, I can't get FIFO to work in the way I would like.  It may not be possible to do what I'm thinking if I've misunderstood how FIFOs work, so I would welcome any constructive guidance that educates me on the best path forward.

I have a smallish dictionary (~450MB).  Running the following attack, combining the file with itself, worked relatively well, but took about 15 hours to complete:

hashcat64.bin -m 1000 -a 1 hashfile.txt small.dict small.dict -o results.txt

I'd like to use combinator.bin to combine the files into a new, larger dictionary and then apply rules against that dictionary, but the output from combinator results in a file size that is far too large to be practical.  Obviously, this isn't the best way to accomplish what I want to do.

I tried using mkfifo to create a fifo, dump combinator.bin output to the fifo, and then use the fifo as a source for hashcat, but that doesn't seem to work.

In terminal 1:
mkfifo myfifo && ./combinator.bin small.dict small.dict > myfifo

In terminal 2:
hashcat64.bin -m 1000 -a 0 hashfile.txt myfifo -o results.txt -r rule1

This just doesn't work... combinator.bin terminates and hashcat gets into a confused state; running, but no work.

I tried doing the same as above, but this time combining the small.dict with the fifo, as follows:
In terminal 1:
mkfifo myfifo && ./combinator.bin small.dict small.dict > myfifo

In terminal 2:
hashcat64.bin -m 1000 -a 1 hashfile.txt myfifo small.dict -o results.txt

This leaves combinator.bin running (> myfifo), but hashcat immediately terminates with:

Generated bitmap tables...myfifo: Not a regular file.

I highly suspect I'm doing something obviously wrong (and can almost feel the experts rolling their collective eyes from here), so please go easy on me. :-)

Can you help point out the error of my ways?

Thank you in advance!

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