Does generate-rules.exe not have a help?
(12-04-2017, 08:46 AM)royce Wrote: Many tools from hashcat-utils are pretty minimal. The wiki has a summary of usage:

actually the past 30 hours I suffered quite a lot on this :
I wanna making some append number rules
mainly year month date,and some chinese-favored lucky num.
And so I did a lot of "ctrl+v" to insert dollar symble and blank space,each column one by one.
Felt so boring I try really hard on generate-rules.exe but failed.
Then after tons of Google and Bai-idiot-du serching ,finally I decided studying awk/sed to get it done.
list one,from 1970 to 2017
list 2,from 0101 to 1231
no.3 , 19700101 to 20171231
nl. 4,700101 to 171231
Finally happy to see all these things like
turned to
$2 $0 $1 $6 $1 $2 $2 $9
I convert them all by semi-automatic way.(I really think not smart and felt a little stupid) 
If there r someone else suffered the same,maybe I can share my "not so smart" methods here.
Short answer :
something like these
awk '{print "X"$0}' test
awk '{print $0"X"}' test
awk '$O=$O" X"' test
awk 'NR==row{$NF="RR"$NF}'  test
I knew nothings of these commands,guess and test and with a few luck I finished it.

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