Support recovery of passwords of length 16 and above
(05-21-2012, 06:35 PM)atom Wrote: In theory yes, but then we would require special Kernels for each Hash-lenght (in steps of 4). If you take a look at the kernels directory, it would cause the program to explode. I'm afraid we have to find a different solution.

As far as causing the program to explode, are you worried about more programming time? I don't have a good way around that, other than automated build scripts to help with the automatable part.

If you're worried about size and download bandwidth (also very reasonable), then perhaps have more than one download: Normal (<16), and Large Password. Perhaps split at least the large into ATI, NVIDIA, and both? Alternately, would it be reasonable to have "Normal", and then have add-on packages that can simply be unzipped from the base directory, to add the kernels required for that user?

I do realize it'll be a fair bit of work to set up, but if it can be automated and you go to excess, that might lead to me downloading only, say, the ATI Caicos <=32 character kernel sets. Nothing bigger, and only a limited set of kernels - no newer or older ATI kernels, no NVIDIA kernels at all.

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