Support recovery of passwords of length 16 and above
(06-07-2012, 07:17 AM)Incisive Wrote: If you're worried about size and download bandwidth (also very reasonable), then perhaps have more than one download: Normal (<16), and Large Password. Perhaps split at least the large into ATI, NVIDIA, and both? Alternately, would it be reasonable to have "Normal", and then have add-on packages that can simply be unzipped from the base directory, to add the kernels required for that user?

I do realize it'll be a fair bit of work to set up, but if it can be automated and you go to excess, that might lead to me downloading only, say, the ATI Caicos <=32 character kernel sets. Nothing bigger, and only a limited set of kernels - no newer or older ATI kernels, no NVIDIA kernels at all.

Your ideas about reducing download size are good, but it would mean atom having to make many builds.

I suggest torrents as I am sure many hashcat users would be willing to help out with bandwidth (torrents are not illegal by the way, only copyright ones are). However I believe this would be against the hashcat license rules, which seems a shame.

All atom would have to do is PGP sign the torrent files and users would know they have the genuine article.

Another point atom once made against torrents is that he would like to know how many people are downloading his software. I wonder if this could be worked out from how many people download the torrent file from the website instead ?

I am looking forward to longer password lengths more than anyone as I mainly test WPA, but I understand there are many problems which are simply beyond my technical knowledge.

If you are desperate for a solution right now there is a commercial software that handles the full 63 character range but it is expensive and slow.

It would also feel like you were cheating on ocl-hashcat-plus !!! .. and thats what prevents me from using it ! Big Grin Ha ha !! After a while you get quite attached to ocl-hashcat-plus as you watch it grow and develop. Being part of it by making feature requests, writing wiki pages and being able to talk to the creator I have got quite attached to it ! Smile

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