Device#2 skipped and Temp-Abort /retain-temp
Hello everybody,

First of all, a huge praise has to be made to hashcat's developers and to the entire community. The tool is just unique, so extensive, i love it.
Unfortunately, I have not used hashcat for too long. At the moment I'm learning hashacat and I'm getting to know all the functions.

Now to my actual problem:
As you can see in picture that 2 devices are detected, but only device # 1 is used. How can I solve the problem that both devices are used to crack the hashes?
I run hashcat on windows 10

My second problem is that I would like to let Hashcat run for a longer period of time, several days, possibly weeks at a time, without interruption.
The CPU temperatures are very high once hashcat is started.
For this reason, I would very much like to activate the watchdog functions. but --temp-abort = 100 commands do not work, or just ignored.
In addition, I would like to activate the function "retain-temperature", but unfortunately I do not know how.

Many thanks for any attempt to help me with my problem.

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