Module 5500 - different results for same hash (with or without client challenge part)
(04-19-2019, 11:44 AM)philsmd Wrote: > I guess this is just because you didn't test with the correct password candidate.

> Maybe this specific hash is harder to crack and you need to use some rules (-r) or use a small mask attack (-a 3).

> this also doesn't use any client challenge, but it still cracks perfectly fine.

- Yes, probably i don't find right combination yet. All this thread is just about that i want to be sure that i am not running it with bad configuration (something that i am miss) that can lead to endless running without success Smile

- I use rules (i have also build my own special rules)

To sum it up, some 5500 hashes:

- have client challenge - they need to be used otherwise password is not found! (e.g. original hashcat test example)
- some hashes are without client challenge and runs fine (e.g. bradtest example)

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