Advice on HP Nvidia Tesla K40 GPUs
Hello everyone! First post, long-time oclHashcat / John the Ripper/ CRACK (for DOS, remember that?) user. I bought myself a few K40s. So with that --

I am interested in putting together a 4x HP Nvidia Tesla Kepler K40 GPU, model F1R08A (for servers), rig but have not been able to find much information as to benchmarks of hashcat running on K40s. What little information I have found have been other models of the K40 such as the K40c and some others that I cannot verify my cards fall into. To make it more confusing, when I search the K40 I mostly come up with results for the newer model K80.

Does anyone have any information about hashcat running on Tesla K40 (HP model #F1R08A) and what kind of real-world performance they yield?

If it helps, the specifications/marketing material say the card features 1.4 TFlops of performance, 12GB memory, 2,880 Kepler-generation CUDA cores, and 288GB/sec bandwidth. It has a 745 MHz core that can be over-clocked to 875Mhz by the user, it says (I assume via some option ROM settings).

On a side note, I am not too familiar with building machines that house more than one GPU - and this requires two slots of room for each card - so anyone that has any input on what I'm looking at there would be nice. I have a few rack servers that wouldn't have enough room to house these, save maybe two cards in one of my Dell R900s if I'm lucky (unlikely) although I have a tower server w/ a quad-core Core i5 3.2GHz and 32GB of RAM, and the mobo MIGHT have enough space for four of these but unlikely. I am open to suggestions if anyone has any input.



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