Some way to 'increment from a wordlist'
you could pre-generate the word list or just use -a 1 hash.txt dict1.txt dict2.txt

-a 1 also works with 3 combinations of works if dict1.txt hash already 2 words combined and you combine it one more time with dict2.txt (s.t. 2+1 = 3).

The problem is that it grows exponentially, so the more words you combine the total number of password candidates grows much faster (because everything needs to be combined again with everything).

You could try to remove the single combinations of 2 same words combined within the same password (which could be invalid in your case), but you could also choose to ignore it (and allow e.g. AppleOrangeApple even though Apple is used twice).

rule based attacks are explained here:
you could have 2 rules, e.g. one is just ":" and one is T0 to toggle the first char (uppercase it if it is guarantteed to be lowercase).

a simple (perl,python,php whatever) script to generate the combinations with both could also be handy, but most of the time -a 1 is faster, because less I/O (disk bottleneck and PCI bottleneck). You could just generate one part of -a 1 with your custom script (dict1.txt for instance), or just use combinator.bin/combinator3.bin or just hashcat --stdout to generate the 2 parts.

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