Some way to 'increment from a wordlist'
So at the moment I am getting somewhere, I can see this is the right path with princeprocessor.

I have some rules working fine, but I need to add some kind of rule that would allow me to not have the same word twice in a row. Anybody here with an idea on how to do that? Or maybe with another way instead of making a rule for this. I have other rules working fine I just cant figure out or find a way to make this specific thing happen.

(even better would be a way to add a space after every word (except the last one) in the sequence princeprocessor creates.)

For example at the moment I get like " xxx xxx xxxx" where x are words and blanks are spaces(doesnt translate well on the site but i put multiple blanks in a row). I would like that to go into format of: "x x x x x", if this is clear enough. Any help again would be really nice! Smile

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