Hashcat sees my GPU but not my CPU
Hashcat inspired me I finished my reply and it hit me. I'm going to get a hold of major corporations like Boeing they can't settle any law suits their planes didnt kill anyone it was gravity. Marlboro is going to love me. It isnt their cigarettes that give you cancer it's your lungs. I'm going to make millions. Our food doesnt taste like shit it's your taste buds. I'll never get a speeding ticket again it wasn't me it's the dam sign that's wrong. I'm going to law school I'll get murders off easy. It wasn't my client the supposed victim jumped in front of the bullets. I'm going to see if I can figure out this nightmare and if it doesnt work I'm suing the state because I played the lottery and their numbers where wrong. Bastards cheated me out of millions defective numbers dam it. Then I'm going to build a super computer and clone Einstein and hopefully between the two they can figure out this opencl problem.

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Hashcat sees my GPU but not my CPU - by Rdgeno - 10-09-2019, 10:31 PM
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