Hashcat sees my GPU but not my CPU
You disabled the self-test and ignored all the warnings....

Why the hell would you do that? That's like getting a Check Engine light on a car and just turning the light off without checking to see whats wrong or fixing the issue. Sure, the car may run for a while, but there are clearly issues serious enough for it to warn you. There is absolutely no guarantee that it will continue to work properly or even work properly to begin with. The password you "cracked" could very well be a false positive brought on by very serious underlying format issues, for which we have built in WARNINGS.

> Same everything in aircrack and jJack couldn't get anything Hashcat one second.

Does that not scream "something might be wrong" if multiple tools can't validate?

> Oh and check out the time one second.

No. No. NO. The time is one second because the password it thinks it found is IN YOUR POTFILE. It didn't EVEN DO ANY CRACKING AT ALL. Hashcat just looked in your potfile. Please, for the love of god, read all the warnings and status messages we have worked so hard to put into this tool in the most verbose and easy to understand way possible.

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