Issue with ChaCha20
hmm, I see the problem here. it's not very clear what is going on (at least for the general hashcat user ! )

The key in theory is always 32 bytes, but it's neither mentioned within the example wiki page, nor is the ST_PASS in src/modules/module_15400.c correctly reflecting this fact (even though module_pw_min () and module_pw_max () set the password length to 32 fixed (but "hashcat" is used for ST_PASS).

for now this password will work:

i.e. "hashcat" but expanded to 32 bytes with NUL bytes appended (up to 32 bytes)

Since the code is able to do the expansion internally, we should just set pw_min to 0 i.e. in module_pw_min (), or skip it entirely since the default minimum password is zero.

We probably need a github issue for this mentioning to remove the pw_min restriction.

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