Is my rig/order missing anything?
(06-14-2020, 10:21 AM)Sondero Wrote: I only knew the passiv Thermaltake-Risers,.... do they have also have a powered version?

AFAIK there are no ribbon risers (like the ones of Thermaltake) with additional power inputs.

(06-14-2020, 10:21 AM)Sondero Wrote: A RTX2080TI needs 75W from the PCIe-Sockel if this article is correct(

With 7x GPUs you need 525W on your PCI-Bus, i´m not sure if the mainboard will provide so much power.
It should be capable of doing so, if the vendor states support for 7 GPUs without further notice. There are also additional power connectors on the Mainboard to deal with these kinds of load. Nevertheless I dont have personal experience with such a 7 GPU configuration, but only one with 4 GPUs.

(06-14-2020, 10:21 AM)Sondero Wrote: Do you have some benchmarks between x1 and x8 risers?

Unfortunately not, but there should be no or at most insignificant differences between x1 and x8 in terms of benchmarking or brute-forcing. The maximum bandwidth of PCIe 3.0 x1 (a bit less than 1 GB/s) will become a bottleneck though, when you run attacks  that do candidate generation purely on the CPU (like Dictionary or Stdin).

TBF, my knowledge about USB-based x1 risers is purely theoretical, acquired by reading the forum here and the guide by unix ninja. My opinion about those is pretty much like: They can work, but have this bottle neck drawback, might cause compatibility issues or might be of inferior quality and set your rig on fire :p

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