Restore.Sub.#1. beginner question
I have been using hashcat for sometime now but as I noticed the new version had arrived I went and dwelled on the changelog and started looking pictures of the UI.

I looked at restore Restore.Sub.#1 and thought like it was new thing and fancied what it was, but eventually realised that it's been there always.

I think I know what it is, but more I look at it more questions it raises for me. I tried look in FAQ for this, but I didin't find it or somehow missed it.
Can anyone explain to me like 5 year old what it does or imply? What are the amplifiers and iterations and why it counts even on hashes known to be without a salt?

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For context, here is screenshot of hashcat 6.0.0 from this site

Also, terribly sorry if I post this to wrong category

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