Feasible method of cracking long, randomised passwords?
if you have some specific idea, you could also develop/program your own password generator (for instance a python script or whatever) and pass the candidates to hashcat like this:

python generate_password_candidates_combine_and_filter.py | hashcat -m 12500 -a 0 -w 3 -r rules/best64.rule hash.txt

of course the python script must be coded by you first and include all the "policies" and filters that you need. The rules are somehow required to achieve max. speed if the python script is quite slow and the hash type is fast. You could also think of using very special / dedicated rules e.g. rules that do not change the length etc (the rule file best64.rule does contain all sort of rules and might - in your specific case - also generate some "invalid" password candidates).

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