Looking to crack password on AppleSecureNote

I'm trying to understand the process to find the password for a secure note on my Macbook pro 2017 (running sour High sierra 10.13.6).

I have an amateur level in coding/programming and I am discovering new tools thanks to this forum and GitHub.

First of all, to achieve my ends I try to extract the hash from NoteStore.SQLite. To do this I tried the following perl script: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hashca...hashcat.pl

So I created a "cracknote.pl" file on the desktop, then I run the file through the terminal by entering successively the following commands :
cd desktop
chmod +x cracknote.pl

The command prompt returns me:

usage: ./cracknotes.pl NoteStore.sqlite

I don't understand what does it mean and how I can obtain the hash.. 

Am I doing it right?
Is the perl script supposed to return the hash linked to the secure note that I want to crack?

have a good day


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