Nvidia 30XX - FE vs. Reference
(01-17-2021, 02:50 PM)the_charm Wrote: Hi there.
I'm currently just spitballing, so no hard plans to actually build a rig.
But I took a look at the 30XX series and noticed how they are now selling Founders Edition AND Reference Design.
They are apparently not the same thing anymore. PCB is totally different too.
As you know, it used to be "only buy Reference", which then became "buy Founders".
And now... what are we buying again?!

What you want to buy is a blower fan design. Meaning a fan which intakes air and blows it out the back of the card rather than just a bunch of fans circulating the air around the card. 

The reason behind this is to keep your cards cooler in a small space and dissipate as much hot air from remaining in the enclosure. If you're not worried about space and a fully enclosed case than buying other styles should not be a problem. 

You can check out this link to get a better understanding: 

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