How to disable Intel HD Graphics?
I'm using -D 2 for a GPU-only crack. But I have two of them: GTX 1070 and Intel HD Graphics 4000.
I need to disable the second and enable only the GTX 1070. How can I do it?
I solved the problem by adding --backend-ignore-opencl, which allowed me to keep only CUDA because Intel HD Graphics 4000 runs on OpenCL. But nevertheless I would like to know how to use only a specific GPU from all.
you have to use

-D 2 combined with
-d (--backend-devices) with appropriate device number

you can use hashcat -I to see the device number

assumed you would have 4 GPUs / graphiccards

-D 2 -d 1,2 would use the first 2 of your 4 cards,