Radeon RX 580
Hi all,

I've had some trouble getting my RX 580 to work. Hashcat will start the crack run for 5 or 10 mins, then the screens go black and the desktop acts like its going to reboot, but then doesn't post. I have to force shut it off, then it boots fine. It definitely is acting like a VC driver issue.

I have the latest version of driver, even reverted back from the optional beta one available either this month to the recommended one from April and no luck.

Any suggestions?

My guess is that it is power (or rather power supply and/or riser) related.

Most of these problems where the system goes down when under load have to do with misconfigured hardware (or hardware components like bad risers).

Are you sure you didn't forget to mention that you are using some risers or other PC components that could be the culprit ?
Is the PSU good enough to power both the system and the GPU(s) ?

Does it also happen when you run hashcat with your CPU only (-D 1) ?
Thanks for the information. It really helped me!
I found some settings in Windows under Control Panel - Power Options, which was named "Hybrid Sleep" (or something similar. Don't remember right here and now).
After I disabled this, the PC with RX580 has run 24/7 since then.