WPA2 hash - limit the amount of capital letters
Hi Hashcat-users,

I know my wpa2 hash is 10 characters long and consists of numbers, lowercase letters and uppercase letters. But is there easy a way to limit e.g. the numbers so that e.g. maximum can be 5 uppercase letters and 3 numbers.

I have looked at mask attack - but can not figure out if there is a smart solution to limit the combinations in a brute force attack.

I hope you can help and thank you in advance.
I am not the great technician with math skills but have found a lot of help here and on youtube.

Best regards

Would this help?
Easy solution is to use maskprocess to produce only lower and digits and to apply rules/toggelsX.rule where X is the number of 0 to X upper cases. You get the amplifier effects for free but it can happen that you apply uppercase on digits, those are useless tries.
Thank you for the help to both of you.

Unfortunately, my technical level around the mask process is not enough, as I only have a fairly basic understanding - maybe I can ask for a kind of template, it might help me further.

kind regards