"--stdout" not working in HC 0.39
im not sure... but while im trying this command::

hc64 -m0 h.hash d.dic -rr.rule --stdout
it gives me::
Usage: hashcat [options] hashfile [mask|wordfiles|directories]

Try --help for more help.

i tried more than once (in different ways) but ": (".. some1 would confirm please??
Already noticed this, if you are on linux you can just add "/dev/null /dev/null" (2 times so) at the end of your command line and it will work.

nope.. im using windows.. : |
Then you can make an empty file and append the name of the file 2 times in your command line.

Like :
hc64 d.dic -rr.rule --stdout empty.txt empty.txt

(Also for --stdout -m or the hashfile isn't needed)
Wait! /dev/null exists in windows, too. It is called NUL

This is no joke.
thanks 4 the info both of you [Xanadrel, atom]... works
hc64 d.dic -rr.rule --stdout NUL NUL