--remove isn't removing all hashes
using dictionary and hash from the best64 rule challenge http://beeeer.org/best64/ . some hashes are not being removed if using plus. ran dictionary attack showed 8,324 cracked, press the up arrow and ran exact command again showed additional 300 hashes cracked. checked the output.txt and those additional 300 are dups of previously cracked hashes.

hashcat cpu removes all cracked hashes fine. running the same command a second time shows 0 cracked.

this is on windows 7 x64, 2xhd5970 and catalyst 12.2
if the same hash appears multiple times it is only removed once. sort -u your hash file before running it through hashcat.
i realize this but there aren't any dups in the hash file. also hashcat (cpu) does not behave this way on the same hashfile
ok this only happens in windows. installed ubuntu and problem is gone.
there is no difference between windows and linux in the remove hash function. can you provide example files and commandlines so we can reproduce locally?
i don't have windows running at the moment, so working off memory but the command is pretty basic.

top 10k commond wordlist http://beeeer.org/best64/files/passwords...ct.txt.zip
189,667 phpbb hashes http://beeeer.org/best64/files/phpbb.list.txt.zip

oclhashcat-plus.exe --remove -o cracked.txt passwords_top10k.dict.txt phpbb.list.txt
OK, I can reproduce it. Have to investigate. Thanks for reporting
OK, race-condition fixed. New version is in /beta
is this happening with hashcat as well ?
After running a single dic attack against a large hash list file, did a second
run, no change in command line (the same single dic attack) and more pass
were found. Only after a third run I got a clean check against a dic (with no
rules at all).
Can anyone confirm (did a test with 0.39).
Fixed with hashcat CPU. New version in /beta. Again, thanks for reporting!