Cracking hash with unknown salt (but has a guessable pattern)
Note: I am inexperienced with hashcat, so this could be a simple solution

I have a hash I need to crack with a missing salt, but the salt is guessable

Example hash: 127e6fbfe24a750e72930c220a8e138275656b8e5d8f48a98c3c92df2caba935 (salted SHA-256 with missing salt). The hashes come from Weheartit if that helps.

Each hashes salt is a random 3-10 digit integer. e.g: 127e6fbfe24a750e72930c220a8e138275656b8e5d8f48a98c3c92df2caba935:128937

I thought of just applying every combination of 3-10 digit integers after the hash and storing it in a hash file, but this would consume a lot of space as that's over 10 billion combinations.

Let me know if there is a more efficient solution.