bad characters
Hi everyone.
I'm not a regular user of hashcat, but i have a problem.
I forgot the password of a rar file i want to use.
I try to find him with a brute-force attack but after a looooong time hashcat failed to do it.
So i test hashcat by using a simple code to a new rar file : µ.
µ is a character used in the classic 256 characters ASCII code. Is number is B5.
I try a brute-force attack on this new rar file ... and hashcat failed again !
after several tries, the only way i found to have hashcat able to find my password is to create a personal wordlist with all letters, numbers, and special characters of my azerty keyboard including µ.
And i was very surprised to see hashcat change my µ into a À with a strange character close to a T before. I don't understand.
If someone can explain me, thanks a lot.

.png   newbidon - µ changed problem.png (Size: 73.97 KB / Downloads: 3)
The character µ has the UTF-code "C2 B5" in hex, and is not used in classic ASCII (which only uses 128 characters, btw).
That's why it will not be cracked with a mask-attack, since it uses only classic ASCII.

In order to crack it with mask-attack, you need to use --hex-charset and lookup the specific UTF-code(s), or, as you did it, make sure the character is in a wordlist.

Finally, the reason that your cracked result prints something weird, is because your terminal cannot cope with the special character.
Thank you very much for your very useful help Karamba.
I will try again using --hex-charset and a table of UTF-codes. If I find my password I will tell everyone in this post.
Maybe in a looooong looooongtime cause I often use a personnal password generator I make myself and I usually choose passwords with special characters. Smile
Thank you very much again.