[Request] Nintendo 3DS Master Key Cracking with hashcat
Hi Atom and my Gurus,

Firstly, I do apologies if I post this thread in the wrong forum. Please move it to the appropriate one if it is in the wrong place.
I do really like your oclhashcat-lite and premium. Especially, SL3 cracking using oclhashcat-lite version.
I'm just wondering, if we can crack wireless key i.e.WPA2 with brute-force, there should be some sort of way to crack Nintendo 3DS Parental lock by cracking ENQUIRY NUMBER.

FYI, ENQUIRY NUMBER is the number that you can get when you forget your PARENTAL LOCK CODE. When you call Nintendo Customer Support team (they bloody take a hell of a lot of time to give you the MASTER KEY) they ask for this ENQUIRY NUMBER and they email you the MASTER KEY to reset the PARENTAL LOCK.
For each different PARENTAL LOCK CODE you put in 3DS, different ENQUIRY NUMBER is generated. And for each different ENQUIRY NUMBER, different MASTER KEY is generated.

I've been trying to find out the hash for the ENQUIRY NUMBER, so that I could crack it to get the MASTER KEY. But running out of luck, idea, logic and time.

Please asking for all of your expertise and kind support.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

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This not work??
(04-01-2012, 06:59 PM)KT819GM Wrote: http://wii.marcansoft.com/parental.wsgi

This not work??

Hector Martin's crypto decryption is only for wii, dslite, dsi. NOT FOR 3DS.
Hey it doesnt work blad so take a shit out of you ans f##k of