Avoid token length exception SQL 2005 hash WITH usernames
Hi everyone - I'm fairly new to hash cat but learning quick.  I'm trying to crack through a list of about 25 SQL 2005 style hashes, but the only way I can avoid the Token Length Exception error is to remove the usernames from the hash file I have.

Is there a way to tell hashcat to ignore the usernames? Hash and username are separated with a colon

Unless I am missing something, I need to know which username goes with which cracked password or... it is kind of pointless. 

Side note, these are all hashes from accounts on 2014 and newer boxes... so, anyone know why they are like this?

Below is what I am currently running for this.  SQL2014 seems to work OK, same below except replacing -m 132 and hash file...

hashcat -m 132 -w 3 -a 0 -p : --session=SQL2005--username -O -o /somepath/SQL2005cracked.out --outfile-format=3 /somepath/allhashes2005.txt /Wordlists/rockyou2021.txt --potfile-path /somepath/ALLHASHES2005potfile.txt
ugh - I'm an idiot.  I forgot a space before --username

************!!!!!! always RE-READ YOU CODE!!!!!

Sorry, I'm leaving this in case someone else see's this.