How to combine white space characters with masks
I am performing an attack that requires thousands of masks, resulting in tens of trillions of passwords and that is al fine.
But now I need to check for white space characters (space, return) in combination with those masks, and I do not know how to do so.
Previously create a rule set to prepend and append white space characters:
but hashcat does not allow combining masks and rules.

So my question is, is there a (best) way to incorporate these characters in my masks? As further restriction, I am already using all 4 custom character slots and am nearing the computation limits. Storing all passwords and making it a password attack probably does not fit on my hard disk, so that is also a poor solution for me. I prefer not add these characters to one of my 4 custom character sets, and preferably I do not use "?s" since it does not contain net line characters and contains other characters that would slow down the attack. So many restrictions to take into account
Any hints are appreciated.
Space can be included in a custom charset -1 "12345 abcd"
The quotation marks around the charset help keep the nargin accurate. No idea about CR /n perhaps?
Make your own short password and try to hash it out to see if that works.
Thx, I will try. Wish i had more than 4 custom character sets though, maybe I can overwrite one of the existing ones, e.g. modify ?s to include the characters of my choosing. I will update if I did some tests.