Problems getting started
Lenovo i7-4790 3.6GHz with 8GB ram under W10 Pro 64b

Been running JTR for several months on this hash with no luck ... downloaded hashcat v6.2.4 today ... can someone please help me get out of the starting gate

hash.txt (extracted from shadow file in a BusyBox image for a no-name [IPCAM] IOT Wifi PTZ Camera)
The camera failed shortly after 100 days, both AliExpress andĀ Seller refuse to refund or replace the camera ... manufacturer sold me a focusing subboard that failed but refuses to help trouble-shooting further ... bit-bashed the image file using the main board's serial port connection but I need to either find or bypass root to get at the command line ... focus board moves the 2 motors in both directions during post ... however when using manual commands the motors only go in one direction to an endpoint and won't come back (camera totally out of focus) ... as there are no endpoint sensors I am expecting there may just be a typo in the control script(s) or possibly a corrupt script file. Speaking with the camera support people is like talking to a wall. They have their set talking points (seem not to understand English questions) ... without a fix, I have a 25lb boat anchor

hashcat .\hash.txt


ends with the following errorsĀ and suggests running with option -O


* Device #1: Kernel ./OpenCL/ build failed.

hashcat -O .\hash.txt

ends with the following error

* Device #1: Not enough allocatable device memory for this attack.