Recovering old Scatter wallet (EOS)
A friend of mine has turned to me for recovering his wallet. He only has the old .json but forgot everything else. The .json can be unlocked when you fill out a password prompt and is different from the public/private key of a "normal" crypto-wallet.

This is the structure of the scatter.json:

"ct":FUCrfl+0EqTJQErgavm6Zh8DG+xUlE5ClLkCpHoqKx54BWI+eh5gJVl2j58z5Wf1kAGrwaeKHGL+TUM4dvy8AhBK19PPSd/- this goes on for a long time ending with }

Then comes the interesting part immediately after '}'. 


I suspect this to be a SHA-256 hash of the wallet password but I am not sure of this at all. I tried cracking it but to no avail. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! The developer of this wallet has sadly blocked me because he did not want to help.

Ethscan of the movement of the tokens from Ethereum to the WAX-Chain wallet: