Resolve hash with multi-byte symbols
Dear community,
I'm trying to brute force a NTLM hash (-a 3 -m 1000) of a password with inside a pound symbol (£). I've read a lot about it, and I know that being a multi-byte symbol I can use a HEX custom charset and a mask, knowing the exact position of the symbol inside the password. For example, if the symbol is in the first position, I can define 2 custom charsets (i.e. -1 c2 -2 a3) and a mask (?1?2....) to brute force the hash. can I do if I don't know the exact position of the £ symbol inside the password? Is there a solution?
Thanks in advance!
you could use mask files (hcmask) for -a 3 mask attacks or insert rules for -a 0 or -a 1 dictionary attacks (you can insert to bytes one after the other with the "i" rule)
Thanks for your response. I've managed to create a hcmask file and it seems to work well for a brute force attack. The problem now is with dictionary attack and rules. I would like to attach 2 characters at the end of each word, using symbols and numbers. But I don't understand how to do it with the "I" rule..should I use the $ rule, and HEX values? The problem is that maskprocessor doesn't accept hex values in charset definition, giving an error: ERROR: invalid hex character detected in mask $?1 $?1...