where to download autocrack.pl script?
the link from the wiki is broken. where can i get this? thx

This script was for the old oclhashcat and wouldn't work anymore. To beta testers a complete rewrite for oclhashcat-plus is available. I cannot tell you when this will be released in public.
heres the script http://paste2.org/p/1974087
undeath is right though, it doesnt work with the latest version of plus. I started working through it to see if i could convert it but gave up on it (perl, yuck)

Thanks for the posting restrictedbytes.

By looking at the script, I propose this
- make sure the files or tools to crack have to be in the right the directories it is hard-coded
- the tool for crack were these sort, expander, oclHashcat64.bin
my $cmd_sort = "/usr/bin/sort";
my $cmd_expander = "/root/hashcat-utils-0.5/expander.bin";
my $cmd_oclHashcat = "/root/oclHashcat-0.26/oclHashcat64.bin

the last line show that version, and tool are not for oclHashcat-plus

That is why the autocrack script not works any more. Update those parts and that will working just fine. I would say so. If no one has time to give an updated script, I will do that at this week-end.

Though, I have never tried this script or/and on hash, so I am a little bit newbie on this area, and may need help while running the test excercise forumhero
As you admit you are a newbie, I'll go easy on you Smile
The script is much more broken than the declaration of variables. The now deprecated version of oclhashcat relied on the idea of a left and right mask which the script leverages in the random assignment to both of these masks one of either dictionaries, rules, or masks. As hashcat-plus does not use the constructs of left and right mask, the script is irreconcilably broken without a complete rewrite. This rewrite has been promised by atom in the next release of hashcat-plus.
ah, thanks you save my week-end.

ah, thank you, you have saved my week-end.
Its already working. If you need it PM me on IRC.