New to cracking any help appreciated.
What would be the quickest way to crack a password knowing these things about said password..

Password is: 
12 characters long
First portion is a 5 letter word
Second portion is a 4 letter word
Last portion is 3 numbers ranging 100-999

I have created wordlists for the first 2 portions and use a rule for the last but estimated time to crack is 2 days.

Im unsure how I can narrow my lists or if there is anything I should be using that would be easier.

Example passwords to be cracked are as in the following 2 examples:


Any help appreciated
If you are attempting to crack the default WPA PSK of a modern Netgear wireless router much of the work has already been done for you:


Feed that into HC.
Thanks heaps for the reply.
I can see through the link you supplied that the work has been done for me im unsure how to utilise it. I've tried a fair few different ways im completely new and just trying to crack my home wifi as a starting point. If there's any chance I could get a little bit more detail I'd be grateful.
After further inspection I found the .txt file however is doesn't contain anything close to my password... my modem is new
A bit more info like your exact command, type of hash, video card and the resulting hash rate would help.
For example, do you use -w3 option (speed things up), what kind of rule do you use?
Lets say the ending would be 2-4 numbers, most likely dates, then you can use your word list plus a rule like T0XlC-insert_00-99_1950-2050_toprules_0_F.rule. This rule however inserts numbers that are dates while you only want to append them. So you can copy the rule file, call it for example T0XlC-appendt_00-99_1950-2050_toprules_0_F.rule but replace every 'i' which stands for insert, with '$', which means append.

If you provide us with your command, we can see if there maybe are other things that can be tuned for increased speed.