How to pipe words into hashcat in any non 0 attack mode?
I recently discovered the power of using hashcat in combination with piping. Especially handy when combining a list with a small mask appended. For example using a hybrid attack with the mask at the ending that is normally slow, runs beautifully efficient when using --stdout and piping into hashcat attack mode -0.
My question is how can one pipe into hashcat when using any attack mode that other than attack mode 0 (brute-force)? For example pipe into a combinator or hybrid attack mode.
Is this possible, and if so how?

Example of what I would like to be able to do:

hashcat -a 1  wordlist1.txt wordlist2.txt --stdout | hashcat -a 7  <input pipe> ?d?d?
please see my answer on your other thread for combinator attack and rule pN