need help with command line
i dont know how to make a dictionary for hashcat to use
my password i want to crack starts with a special character, than up to 4 numbers, than up to 8 letters, than up to 4 numbers and than a special character. How to write it in the command line, the letters could be big and small and i can remove some special charecters, couple of letters and some numbers that could be used.

i also have external AMD cards but after i start something that i think i wrote right it says that my internal Intel card does not have enough memory , how to use only the external ones

i am far from cracking passwords, please make your answer for noobs
this is not possible with just a "normal" command line

but this would be possible with a bigger maskfile, i will give you a first hint to start with (to remove some chars would be a litte bit more ... not really complicated but you will need some more info about maskfiles)

?s = all special chars
?d = all digits
?l = all lower chars
?u = all uper chars


the ?1 directs to the ?u?l

this would generate passes like *0A0* - !9z9! and so on

now its up to you to generate all needed mask (combinations) you want, the max mask as stated by your examples would be


and put this masks inside a file

there would be also a workaround with self generated wordlists, but you will need quite some storage capacities for that
thank you, the way i read it i thought the line should look like that and now i should switch the u,l,d,s stuff with the possible numbers and letters and special charecters that i know

this is the first password that i want to recover, this is the first time i try to use hashcat
it looks complicated for me Smile but doable, thank you

and about the external cards i think i will just disable the integrated one from bios while hashcat is running
Thank you