How to crack CMIYC hash files?
I recently discovered the CMIYC contests and for practise, I want to crack previous contest hashes on my machine. I have downloaded the 2012 file from here
When I open the first text file in there (hashes-1.sha512crypt.txt) I notice the hashes are not easily read by hashid or hashcat, I assume due to the usernames and trailing ::0::: characters in it. They look like this:


I try to run a hashcat instance with the --username flag, however it still doesn't "work". When I run JUST the hash values into hashid, they are recognized just fine, however I'm looking for a way to parse these files automatically without me having to go into the text files and manually replacing the prepended usernames and the appended "::0:::" stuff with nothing.

Can I get some guidance on how to "read" these hashes using hashcat??
well you have to do some manual work here, hashcat will always throw a token lenght exeption for this lines, even when using --username

i did a fast test with the following command

while read -r line; do echo $line | awk -F [:] {'print $2}'; done < hashes-1.sha512crypt.txt > hashes-only.txt

resulting in a file with the hashes only 


if you want username:hash use

while read -r line; do echo $line | awk -F [:] {'print $1":"$2}'; done < hashes-1.sha512crypt.txt > hashes-only.txt

working also on windows with windows subshell for linux
Thanks a lot, this will work. Was just curious if hashcat had some options to parse this that I was just missing or if we had to do it ourselves. Thanks a lot!
I just ran the default attack against all those hash files which john recognized without specifying --format