New rig with asrock x399 and rtx asus geforce 2060
Looking for new setup and ended up with asrock x399 mobo.  With threadripper 1900x
Still looking for gpu. There is few options.
Four new GeForce DUAL-RTX2060-O6G-EVO (~1200€)
9 used geforce GTX 1060 3gb (~1100€)
Or 6 pieces of GTX 1050ti 4gb. (~600€)

Las two options have been in mining and is not quite top notch. But not sure about the first option either. Allthese marking doesn not mean much for me. And not sure about the airflow either. Might need some risers as the FE and OEM cards are nowhere to be found. I’m going to use only four cards on my setups so there is few extras fo other projects, but they’re not going to be used yet..

Any insight or considerations?
Here's the benchmark for the 2060:
Benchmark for the 1060:
Found a benchmark for the 1050ti but not the standard 1050.

Should be able to multiply that by 4 and get a rough estimate as to raw cracking power. Obviously, there's still a lot of factors at play but gives you something to work off of. However, 9 of the 1060s actually has better cracking speeds if you look at NTLM. I didn't compare other hash types, was just looking for a quick comparison.
Why not just get a single or dual card? You could easily get a few 3070TI or a 3080TI for your setup at equivalent cost and not have to deal with risers and extra power supplies. This would cut back on overhead and could mount directly on the motherboard. Plus would enable you to have much more expansion for future purpose.

But if it was me, I would not touch the 1060's or 1050ti's just my personal opinion.