appending found password to hash list
Is there a way to append the found password to the hash list of the passwords or to a copy of it as they're found?

quite possibly answered before sorry
im not quite sure what do you mean?

a plain password is not a hash, so adding the plain password to the hashlist will result in an error telling you, that this is not a hash, quite obviously

found hash:pass combinations are stored in your potfile
if you want to store found plains, see option --outfile together with --outfile-format

# | Format
1 | hash[Confusedalt]
2 | plain
3 | hex_plain
4 | crack_pos
5 | timestamp absolute
6 | timestamp relative

you can combine format like --outfile-format=1,2 which will result in hash[Confusedalt]:plain (which will be like a second potfile) if you just want the plain use only 2
yes i think that will work thank you - just for clarity:

hashlist of 1000 hashes

looking for an output file that will keep the number structure of the hashlist so i know which number each password is for, excluding the potfile obviously so the output file will look like below:

1 hash
2 hash
3 hash
4 hash
5 hash:pass
6 hash