Iphone backup password
My girlfriend forgot her password but I've tried alot of her combos for passwords with no luck. She has all of her family and grandkids pictures backup and is going crazy thinking she will lose them.
I got the Manefist.plist and have extracted the hashes from them but don't really understand how to extract hr PW fro, it.
Any help on the steps needed so I can help her out.

Thank you
Hashcat is used to crack the password not just provide you the password. You will need create an attack which you believe the password is to have hashcat process and determine if it is correct or not.

I am assuming you have extracted the hash using https://github.com/philsmd/itunes_backup2hashcat/ and now have a proper itunes hash that can be used with hashcat. You will need to look thru the wiki and determine which mode of attack you want to use as you have several choices.

The simplest option here is to make a wordlist which contains every possible option the password could be and use rules to alter that wordlist. Such as changing the first letter to a capital or adding specific candidates to the end such as a special character or date, etc. which will all be explained on the wiki


So for a start you will need to determine which hashmode to use, if its the newest itunes which was used to create the backup then you should use mode 14800. If its an older version you will have to check the examples to see which hash matches yours.

Yes you got it all correct and its a newer itunes. All I need to do this weekend is to sit down and read on how to use Hashcat since i'm not sure how to set it up and use it but reading should take care of that.

Can this be run on a windows based PC?
(11-13-2022, 07:34 PM)windowman Wrote: Can this be run on a windows based PC?

Yes, its all on the homepage for the requirements.  You will need to use cmd or powershell on windows. Or just create a batch file with pause after your hashcat command.

hashcat.exe -m 14800 -a 3 hash ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d

copy that into a text file, rename .txt to .bat and edit where necessary to your liking with any text editor.
forgot to mention, needs to be within your hashcat directory.