How to read status Report

Maybe this is stupid question, but, how I should read the status report?
I can see :
Speed........: 3531 c/s Real, 3574 c/s GPU

So what is the speed of password "recovery" 3531 or I have to sum real nad GPU value?

and next issue:
HW.Monitor.#1: 0% GPU, 52c Temp

Why it shows 0% GPU? what does it mean?
if you are on NVidia the 0% gpu is normal, since nvidia removed support for reading gpu utilization for non-tesla gpus. all in all i would say this looks like a mobile nvidia gpu trying to crack an highly iterated hash like md5crypt or wpa

Yes, this is Nvidia GT 430, so it is not mobile, and it is WPA hash
Thanks for the info about 0% but can you tell me what is the speed of the recovery?
I also tryied pyrit + john the ripper and the speed of that was above 7 000 k/s.
Here I have something called "real" and GPU speed and if the speed of the recovery here is 3500 k/s it is a bit ... disappointing.
well your gpu is nearly the worst card ever seen. in some cases it can not beat cpu. you can still try to raise the workload. for example, add --gpu-loops 4096 or -n 80 or both