Help on Rule or Mask or something
(02-25-2023, 06:12 AM)pdparisi Wrote: Your assumption is correct but there needs to be and optional special character between each word.


so (special char + word + special char + word + special char)...

I am going to see if I can try out your suggestions.

I dont know if this is the best way to do this, but here's what i would do

Download a world list of English words from somewhere.

Next make all the first letters capital
hashcat englishwordlist.txt -j c --stdout > CapitalizedEnglishwordlist.txt

next add special characters to front of word list
hashcat -a7 ?s CapitalizedEnglishwordlist.txt --stdout > CapitalizedEnglishwordlistv2.txt

Then you want to add special characters to end of word list
hashcat -a6 CapitalizedEnglishwordlistv2.txt ?s --stdout > CapitalizedEnglishwordlistv3.txt

So now you have *special character* word *special character*
Next you could use englishwordlist.txt again to add to the end of CapitalizedEnglishwordlistv3.txt
hashcat -a1 CapitalizedEnglishwordlistv3.txt englishwordlist.txt --stdout > CapitalizedEnglishwordlistv4.txt

Then you want to add another special character
hashcat -a6 CapitalizedEnglishwordlistv4.txt ?s --stdout > CapitalizedEnglishwordlistv5.txt

This should now be the list you want.

This list size may get very large though could be hundreds of gigabytes (maybe even terabytes). be sure you have LOTs of disk space. Then cracking that list will still take a considerable amount of time depending on your GPU.
even found a 10,000 word list for you