recover luks password generated with pwgen 20 1
I have forgottem the last 6 to 10 alphanumerics of the password from my luks encrypted drive. I do however remember the first 10 alphanumerics.

What I can remember of the password
* password was generated with: pwgen 20 1
im unsure about the length tho could be between 16-20 alphanumeric caseinsensitive
* the last 10 chars had no consecutive alphanumerics and at max 2 numbers and 1 capital letter
* last part mostly being written by my right hand

My question:
Is there any way to make a hashcat mask that is restricted to the pwgen algorithm off creating pronouncable passwords?

Why I forgot the password:
I accidentaly cut my right index finger with an axe and had to get it stiched up. I think this caused my musclememory to stop working.

Thanks in advance