Line lenght exception?
So, all the time that i try crack something, this happens:
[Image: semttulobjo.png]
What it means? im new here
What i need to do?
Help plz
Means that you specified "MD5 for PHPBB" but you did NOT provide PHPBB hashes.
If you want to crack simple MD5, choose "MD5" in the list.
For your information a MD5 hash has 32 characters. A phpBB hash is 34 char., with a $H$ at the beginning.
looks like plain md5 hashes
The list that i am trying to crack is all PHPBB hashes, they all have $H$ at the beggining, but when i try crack with "MD5 for PHPBB, that happens.
Now, i tryed crak with the normal MD5 and it happens:
[Image: novog.png]

I cracked MD5 phpbb hashes with normal MD5 option?
(05-11-2012, 12:42 AM)tiagoandre10 Wrote: they all have $H$ at the beggining

you might want to see a doctor.

a PHPBB hash looks like this:
also note, before phpbb switched to phpass they used plain md5
Also seems we have no rules anymore Smile
You can't google the hashes so its not that dramatic.
(05-11-2012, 02:06 PM)KT819GM Wrote: Also seems we have no rules anymore Smile

don't expect me to post real hashes Wink